Design + Engineering Patch

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    Warning: This patch contains high levels of engineering awesomeness.

    Use with caution, as you may experience an uncontrollable urge to build things, take things apart, and talk about math at social gatherings. 


    • Embroidered Sew on Patch
    • Height 3.5 inches
    • Width 3.5 inches

    1. Set iron on medium-high heat
    2. Lay garment on hard surface
    3. Place patch face up in the desired area
    4. Cover patch with a piece of fabric
    5. Apply firm pressure straight down with heated iron for 45 seconds
    6. Turn garment inside out and iron back of patch for 30 seconds
    7. Check to see if patch is secure, if not repeat steps 5 & 6

    ***Let garment cool before wearing!