For those who Go Boldly™
    VOLTAGE LTD is a place for the creators and outcasts, misfits and dreamers. Our gear reflects a sense of the bold, adventurous, and optimistic, and we work with creators in-house and around the globe to curate the illustrations bound to go down in history as the greatest finds some chump ever scored at the thrift store.

    The original purveyors of the bolt

    20 years ago, the first things out of our shop were shirts and hats plastered with lightning bolts.

    Agency origins

    While we were first and foremost a creative + technical agency, the gear we made traveled the globe with our clients and employees. Eventually, they got so popular we created a website so the masses could get their own.

    From swag to a lifestyle brand

    We're not going to tell anyone they have to fit in.

    Relentlessly creative

    VOLTAGE LTD was founded by Eric Fowles, creative director, agency owner, entrepreneur and chief Force For Good. Driven by the spirit of creativity and inspired by ski and skate culture, he had published his first magazine by age 15 and irrevocably set up camp in the creative world.

    Force For Good

    VOLTAGE – the agency and the shop – has always been fueled by the mission to be a Force For Good and to use our talents and creativity to inspire and give like-minded and creators a platform for expression and connection.