Bunney Bolt

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    We have Tom Bunney to thank for this fresh new bolt design. Great colors and energy in these Lucky Socks promise to boost your luck meter with supreme softness. All comfort. All the time. These are favorites in the VOLTAGE catalog. Good for a long day building jumps or some gnarly flow. Either way they will make great companions crushing an epic bowl of Pho end of the day! Bolt Design by the avid artist and trail rider from Squamish, BC. @tombunney

    Who it's for

    • Adrenaline Junkies
    • Travelers
    • Rain Lovers
    • Artists
    • The mountain athlete


    • StretchyFit™ Technology
    One size fits all, boys, girls and all of the above are welcome.

    • Cotton Soft Comfort
    Durable and long lasting cotton socks.

    • Cushiony
    The perfect thickness to keep your dogs happy.

    • Easy to Put On...
    Stretch it on with ease. The most chill sock of all.

    Get ready for FRESH...

    Get ready for FRESH...