The Bird of Paradise Hat

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    Embrace the vivid hues of the bird of paradise flower as your hat blooms with radiant oranges and pinks. It's not just headwear; it's a living canvas, reflecting the bold and vibrant spirit of the mountain athlete. The bird of paradise flower, known for its exotic elegance, became a muse for this Voltage hat's design. Each thread embodies the untamed beauty and grace of this tropical blossom, turning your headwear into a work of art.

    Who it's for

    - The Artist
    - Vohemians
    - The spirited mountain athlete


    • Cotton ripstop with a cotton twill sweatband
    • Flat embroidered bolt on front
    • Red and white woven voltage label on back
    • Structured with a curved visor
    • Six panel construction with eyelets
    • Red and white inner label
    • Buckle closure
    • Designed in Colorado
    • Imported

    Care instructions: Wash these hats in your dishwasher (remove before the drying cycle) or washing machine (on cold, removing before the spin cycle). Bonus points if you have a wash cage. Air dry.

    Get ready for FRESH...

    Get ready for FRESH...