Military Issue Magic Merino Wool Socks

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    Sometimes you just feel like Johnny Rambo. A guy who's doing his best, serving his country, and people still got you down. That's when you put on the military issue army green magic socks. They let people know you mean business. For your mission driven days that require laser focus and sustained effort! And you want to match your earth toned fatigues. We love Magic Socks and especially in this color way. A touch of merino, nylon, and cotton to give you the perfect combo of comfort, performance, and supreme durability. Don't embark on the mission without them. One size fits most with our VOLTAGE Stretchyfit™ technology. March soldier!!! 

    Who it's for

    Mission driven adventurers.


    • Magic Merino Wool Blend
    • 7 day adventure socks made to last without a washer
    • Crew height
    • Soft and extra cushiony
    • Odorless