Steele Magic Merino Wool Socks

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    The OG design - the VOLT on a Magic Sock. A sock stronger than steel. Built for adventure trips with no return ticket. Comfort is its signature move. The classic VOLT on each side. Shock the world with these. A reminder that our energy is boosted when we're grounded. Harness the power of the earth. Put some pep in your step with any of these dynamic colors.

    Who it's for

    • Adventurists
    • Cycling Commuters
    • Dirtbags
    • Energy seekers
    • Climbers
    • Hikers
    • Mountain athletes


    • Magic Merino Wool Blend
    • 7 day adventure socks made to last without a washer
    • Crew height
    • Soft and extra cushiony
    • Odorless