The 'Shock'ra Ball Cap

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    They do everything, wear everywhere, classic ball cap but with a Volt of energizing mood-enhancing color! If your Chakra bracelets aren’t delivering the energy, you need right now, double down on some mood-enhancing headwear. State your intention and vibe of the day with these colorful caps. A classic profile that looks good on everything and everyone. Unstructured, travel-friendly, party-ready, crushable, durable, all-cotton, absorbs sea water, and stays wet for a long time... unless you’re in the desert! We love these classics and are excited to share the energy-enhancing qualities of each color with you.

    Maroon - Root down with this base color from the heart of the earth. - Energy: Grounded. Survivor. Stick the landing.

    Coral - Hmm, lots of stares coming your way, it’s because you’re wearing the color of Pleasure. - Energy: Creative. Hot to trot. Soft launch that new Beau.

    Yellow - Your confidence is at its peak. - Energy: Inner Power. Courage. Going Big!

    Lime Green - You need to express yourself today. - Energy: Kindness. Acceptance. Stand out.

    Teal - New and healthy vibes all around. Absorb that negative energy and start over. - Energy: Fresh. Authentic. Hug a tree.

    Dark Pine - Set your adventurous spirit loose. Get out there and explore. - Energy: Adventurous. Exploring. Climb high.

    Sky Blue - Today's chill. Let’s hang. - Energy: Peace. Love. And serious hang time.

    True Blue - You’re going to get a lot done today. - Energy: Intuition, Perception, Vision. You’re a boss.

    Black - Mysterious and dark. You don’t want to reveal anything today. - Energy: Introspective. Serious. Swedish metal all day.

    White - today’s meh . . . . tomorrows, mid . . . . idk, lol, iykyk


    • 100% Cotton
    • Flat embroidered bolt on front
    • Red and white woven voltage label on back
    • Structured with a curved visor
    • Six panel construction with eyelets
    • Red and white inner label
    • Buckle closure
    • Designed in Colorado
    • Imported

    Care instructions: Wash these hats in your dishwasher (remove before the drying cycle) or washing machine (on cold, removing before the spin cycle). Bonus points if you have a wash cage. Air dry.