The Iron Man 5 Panel Hat

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    Win* your next Iron Man race in this Stark-worthy lid. Paddle the 2.4-mile swim, sprint the 112-mile bicycle ride, and dash the marathon! No training required, just wear this lightweight perforated hat!


    *"Win" uses the definition of "being successful," which is subjective and different for each person. May not mean winning first place. More "winning hearts and minds" of your admirers who see you in this beautiful hat. And that's truly winning, right?

    Who it's for

    • Exercisers of all kinds, from triathletes to Sunday slow-joggers
    • Billionaire scientists/inventors/superheroes


    • Nylon with cotton twill sweatband
    • Colors: Red and black
    • Square nylon visor
    • Five panels
    • Snapback closure
    • Woven label secured with jump stitch
    • Black and white inner label
    • Imported

    Care instructions: Wash these hats in your dishwasher (remove before the drying cycle) or washing machine (on cold, removing before the spin cycle). Bonus points if you have a wash cage. Air dry.