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    A staple in the VOLTAGE catalog, our Pure White Lucky Socks boast timeless versatility. The one-size-fits-all feature, thanks to our exclusive Stretchyfit™ technology, ensures a snug and comfortable fit for everyone. Step into a world of positivity and good vibes with these enchanting socks that not only complement your outfit but also add a dash of luck to your day.

    Who it's for

    • Motivational Speakers
    • Gym Sharks
    • Workaholics
    • Timeless Classics
    • Casual Joe's
    • Go-Getters


    • StretchyFit™ Technology
    One size fits all, boys, girls and all of the above are welcome.

    • Cotton Soft Comfort
    Durable and long lasting cotton socks.

    • Cushiony
    The perfect thickness to keep your dogs happy.

    • Easy to Put On...
    Stretch it on with ease. The most chill sock of all.

    Get ready for FRESH...

    Get ready for FRESH...