Interview with Annie Hernandez

    Interview with Annie Hernandez
    Annie Hernandez
    Annie is an active Vohemian who loves the outdoors.
    Annie H grew up in Dallas, TX and first became a Vohemian with her family. She would take trips to a local pond to fish with her family at a young age. It wasn't until Annie was around the age of 16 years old when she discovered the mountains in Colorado. Since then, Annie has found a new appreciation for the mountains and loves everything to do with them. Annie expressed her favorite hobbies as water sports, hiking, snowboarding, and other outdoors activities.
    What does it mean to you to be a Vohemian?
    "I guess it's someone who is down to earth or just a super chill person. Someone who lives the van life or just goes with the flow"
    We love people like Annie who live the Vohemian lifestyle and aren't afraid to get their socks dirty. Annie's Vohemian lifestyle is shown in all aspects of her life and to understand her more we got to know some of her mountain favorites.
    What's the most adrenaline junkie thing you've ever done?
    "I was convinced to jump off a 40ft cliff into a pond that was probably only 6 feet deep with ice" 
    What is your go-to mountain snack?
    "Ooo I love classic trail mix and I love Nature Valley bars, specifically the chocolate crunchy ones"
    What's your favorite mountain?
    "The Grand Tetons!"
    What are your favorite Voltage Socks?
    "I love the Sno* Socks"
    Annie recently graduated college with her bachelor's. She is an aspiring flight attendant and is an active influencer who loves to travel and explore the outdoors. She lives life looking for opportunities to explore and challenge herself and that's why Annie is such a great example to us at Voltage.
    A huge thanks to Annie for letting us interview her and learn about what makes her a Vohemian.
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