Green socks mountain truck

    We are on an endless "Vohemian Quest" to make the best socks on the planet. Lofty goal. Yes, we know. But we are obsessed with quality and detail.


    We like to say that our Magic Socks have "range" --they travel well, meaning you can pack light and move fast. Take less, play more. You get the gist.


    We will leave you with three things that you will love about our merino Magic Socks: 



    The ultimate do anything sock. From big hikes to cycling to grabbing an aprés cold one with your buddies.



    There's nothing like pulling on a pair of VOLTAGE Socks with StretchyFit technology. Words can't describe. Try it, you'll like it. 



    Beat the crap out of them. They love it. Wash them in a creek and hang dry on a branch. They'll be begging for more.

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