Some hot Sax(phone) to get you in the mood.

    Some hot Sax(phone) to get you in the mood.

    “As we navigate the intricate dance of love, there's something magical about the right music setting the mood….” 

    Thanks Chat GPT- I needed that line to start this post. And this playlist is all about mood. The vibe, the scene, the setting, the sounds. These sounds will enhance any of your romantic efforts because it features some of our favorite saxophone throw downs, which is the instrument of choice in our opinion when looking to woo your mate. And it starts with a favorite band of mine . . . Morphine….

    RIP Mark Sandman - the frontman of Morphine who died live on stage from a heart attack at 46 in Italy!!! - How traumatizing that must have been for the show, band, audience, and Italy on July 3, 1999. My wife and I had been just married a year or so when we first saw him and Morphine play live at the HORDE festival in Park City. It wasn’t too long after that show we heard of his unfortunate heart attack on stage. But the band and Mark Sandman left a huge impression on me as  someone who gave it all for his art!! 

    The HORDE festival was one of those day long shows with multiple stages on the mountain and we got to see a lot of great music.  I convinced my wife to go on our meager newly wed budget because I wanted to go to see the Squirrel Nut Zippers. I saw that band in tiny club as an intern in New York City one night when their flyer caught my attention. Kudos to good graphic design and an intriguing name! It matters! Just like with our Socks : ) - but the Squirrel Nut Zippers were fun, look them up sometime - they aren’t on this playlist - but Morphine is, and they were the big surprise for me at the festival that day. 

    Because of traffic and work we arrived late and only caught the tail end of one of the bands we wanted to see. So we thought we’d just wait front row at another stage vying for great seats vs who was playing for the next show. It wasn’t long before Morphine took the stage and once they started playing they blew our minds. They literally BLEW us away with that Baritone sax. I remember Dana Colley the Saxophonist having two saxophones strapped to his chest and playing them both at the same time and Mark the frontman yelling at him and the drummer to go harder and louder!! Mark was so intense, and also so smooth and cool. Between songs he melted the ladies away reading his poetry, and then would break into one of there many deep sultry tracks working his metal finger slide up and down his makeshift bass guitar he had simplified to two strings. It was so new and fresh and dynamic to see live. One of those moments where I was awestruck with art! 

    As the crowd sang the chorus to “French Fries with Pepper” I couldn’t wait to go deep on Morphines catalog and get to know their Music better. (above Camille and I dating circa 1995? - NYC subway - Happy Valentines Day dear!! 27+ yrs now)

    So not to bore you any longer with more personal stories of why I love each of these tracks and songs, I’ll just say that they all feature a cool and subtle, or not so subtle dash of saxophone that will heat you up and mellow the mood! There’s also a song from Julee Cruise - whose music put the cherry on top of David Lynch’s masterpiece TV show in the 90’s Twin Peaks.  Maybe a little creepy, but calm and cool nonetheless. 

    So we hope you like another 11 song playlist from your friends here at VOLTAGE and enjoy the HOT SAX wherever it may be!!  

    “This one goes to Eleven”… Nigel.. Spinal Tap. 


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