What are "KOM Socks"?

    What are "KOM Socks"?
    IYKYK - KOM Stands for "King of the Mountain". KOM Socks are designed for exactly that. To make you the next King of the Mountain.. Queens implied.
    Our KOM Socks are super light - made for you to crush your ride and run. If you're looking for a cooling material, we got you covered with a next-to-skin feel, also know as our WicKnit™  technology. The KOM Sock is light, breathable, and super stretchy. 
    Most performance socks are bland and uncomfortable. Our KOM socks have our StretchyFit technology for optimal fit and are guaranteed for a million miles. This makes it the perfect companion for gravel biking, mountain biking, running, and every pursuit where the trail is your kingdom.
    Made with Nylon, Merino blend, and Spandex.
    KOM Socks, thin rebels for thick pedals.
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