What are "Lucky Socks"?

    What are "Lucky Socks"?
    We all need a little luck sometimes. That's why we created the "Lucky Sock". An irresistible blend of cotton, nylon, and shamrocks.
    The perfect crew length sock for everyday wear. A sock designed to boost your street cred, turn heads, and power your creativity. The Lucky Sock is not just another sock in the drawer. It's created with our unique Stretchfit technology that combines comfort and creativity.
    After wearing the Lucky Socks, you'll learn that our blend seamlessly combines the softness of cotton with the incredible strength of nylon. These materials combined create a supreme sock that we promise will boost your luck meter.
    Life's too short for boring socks. Let the Bolt on each Lucky Sock remind you to Climb higher. Push harder. Go faster. Be different. Our Lucky socks will boost your luck, go ahead, roll the dice, we got you.


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