What are "Magic Socks"?

    What are "Magic Socks"?
    When browsing the internet you stumble across an intriguing item... the Magic Sock. Here's a blog to rid you of your curiosity and convert you into a Magic Sock loving VoHemian.
    At Voltage LTD, we have a vision. That vision is to transform the outdoor sock experience. VOLTAGE envisions a world where every mountain athlete expresses their unique style and passion through bold, creatively charged socks.
    The Magic Sock is a unique & innovative sock designed to provide maximum comfort, flexibility, and softness. They contain a perfect blend we like to call "Uberino" with more cushion than your normal sock. Uber soft merino wool designed to keep your dogs fresh - for at least 7 days by our calculations...
    How did it get its name? Comfort + Performance = Magic. We have designed socks that don't belong in your laundry pile. Seriously, wear the Magic Socks as long as you want before they hit the wash, nobody's judging. The Merino Wool Blend was made to outlast your creative adventures and dirt filled escapades. Socks that won't smell and won't make you itch.
    So here you are, wondering why you would buy cheap, boring socks ever again, when you could have Magic wrapped around your feet. Don't let society's low expectations for socks make you comfortable with less than the best. 
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