Camo Magic Merino Wool Socks

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    Loose yourself in the wild with these highly invisible Camo Magic Socks™. With a subtle and stealthy camo pattern, you'll look like you're floating as this design blends into urban and natural environments. They haven't been tested by the Navy Seals yet (we're looking if you're reading this) but we feel the Magic Merino blend would do our country's finest proud. Each day can be like an obstacle course. You won't be ringing the bell with these socks on. They'll carry you on any day and wild adventure.

    Who it's for

    • Real American hero's
    • Hunters and Gatherers
    • Those who enjoy the Quiet
    • Urban warriors
    • People with discipline
    • The mountain athlete


    • Magic Merino Wool Blend
    • 7 day adventure socks made to last without a washer
    • Crew height
    • Soft and extra cushiony
    • Odorless